Milène Hertug graduated Bucharest School of Fine Arts and pursued her academic career by studying the history of art at the University of Montreal, the city she adopted.


Throughout her career, the Romanian-born artist developed her artistic vision by experimenting various techniques specific to modern painting and by exploring a wide range of media, from charcoal to oil.


Easily switching from abstract to figurative, Hertug’s work unveils organically in her diverse series to thoroughly question the realities of the actual world.


Her voice, as well as personal interpretations of our era or the general human condition, are the engine of her work. Abstract, figurative or semi-figurative, her compositions induce an emotional context to the metaphorical universe and incite us to reconsider social patterns.


“My creative work is a symbolic process, a concept filled with colour. I aim to capture the human personality, the interior life so difficult to distinguish and perceive at times. On the other side, I also want to present the impact of the modern man and the industrialization […].”