Milène Hertug graduated Bucharest School of Fine Arts and pursued her academic career by studying the history of art at the University of Montreal.

Moving nimbly from abstraction to figuration, Hertug’s work develops organically through a series of paintings she creates to question some of the realities of the world. The voice of the artist, as well as her personal reflections on our era and the human condition, animate her work. Whether they are abstract, figurative or semi-figurative, the compositions induce an emotional reflexion in a metaphorical universe, which encourages us to reflect on issues linked to the way our society works.

In this sense, the time, the nature of our human relationships and the freedom of expression are Hertug’s recurring themes, helping her to approach metaphysical and existential major concerns. “My work is a symbolic process, a colourful concept of emotions, says the artist. I want to capture the personality of the human being, the inner life so hard to perceive. On the other side, I also want to show the impact of the modern man and of the industrialization […]

Hertug denounces everything that alters her values and identity, from unconsciousness to indolence, from humanity to opportunism, from globalization – involving all its consequences – to inequities and social injustice. Through her paintings, she tries to crystallize this idea of a world out of touch with the self, an idea that the painter admits to being elusive in itself, since it essentially destabilizes her.